Brick Life

The clay paver is 'our' life. We live and breathe clay pavers; they are our language. On the one hand, this dedication comes from the experience of our employees where the production of a high-quality product is concerned; and on the other hand, it comes from the pleasant atmosphere that those clay pavers create within our living environment. That's what we call Brick Life. As ambassadors of a cultural-historical and timeless natural product, we love to express this passion.

Two pedestrians walking on Bylandt clay pavers at Dronten station

The urban environment, street life, the atmosphere and the feeling: they are all so much better with clay pavers. Perhaps you haven't noticed before but more than any other paving material clay pavers bring the warmth of the kiln into the feel of our everyday living environment. Clay pavers are part of our culture. Our lives would not be the same without them, and they retain their beauty for more than a hundred years.

We all live Brick Life, with all the enjoyable activities and wonderful moments that arise from it. Clay pavers form the foundation for outdoor life!

Bylandt is Brick Life    Big dutch square with different Bylandt clay pavers