An efficient and high-quality production process

Our entire production process of mixing, shaping, drying, firing and packaging is largely mechanised and automated. In order to continually improve our production processes, we make use of an automated quality system. Institutes such as Kiwa regularly test our products with regard to their environmentally-friendliness and their quality, and take samples from our production line. With this approach, we are able to combine our high quality demands with our quest for an increasingly environmentally-friendly production process.

Stacked bylandt clay pavers go towards the fire

For Bylandt, sustainability is a matter of course. This is shown by the following:

  • Fully automated production process using state-of-the-art tunnel kilns.
  • Production efficiency optimised to optimise:
    • The use of energy.
    • Use of raw materials and resources.
    • Reuse of residual heat.
    • Recycling of process water.
    • Use of machinery.

Clay in the paver factory of Bylandt

All these efforts have earned us a number of renowned certificates and quality marks:

Lots of Bylandt clay pavers in the Bylandt factory