About Vandersanden Group

At the beginning of 2017, the Vandersanden Group acquired a number of brick factories and brands from CRH plc in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. As a result, the clay paver manufacturer Bylandt (with production sites in Tolkamer and Kessel) and facing brick manufacturer Facade Beek also joined the Vandersanden group in the Netherlands.

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This is the story of Vandersanden Group. A family business for over 90 years, driven by innovation, honesty, trust and respect. We offer products that inspire the design and realization of attractive buildings, streets and gardens. As a business partner, we build sustainable relationships based on openness. We listen to our customers and understand their needs. Working with Vandersanden Group means being included in the large Vandersanden family. Discover it for yourself!

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Ours staff at Vandersanden Group are committed to the core values of innovation, customer focus, sustainability and quality.

Customer-focused and innovative

We are happy to advise you on your choice of facing bricks, façade solutions and clay pavers. We want to engage with each and every customer. You can rely on a wealth of expertise from our consultants, architects, construction engineers and installers. Our service team will be pleased to assist with your aesthetic choices, technical questions or complex challenges.

We develop new brick applications or solutions in our own Research & Development department that seamlessly meet the needs of the national and international construction market. An attractive example of this is E-Board®, a façade solution with high-quality insulating properties. We were proud to receive an innovation award for the development of Zero®, a patented brick for joint-free brickwork. Signa®, a prefabricated post and beam construction, was awarded the prestigious international A'design award.


We offer a wide range of bricks in colours ranging from red, brown, grey to black, yellow and cream, and in various sizes and textures. We have a facing brick or clay paver that suits your needs perfectly. All our bricks meet all sustainability quality standard and requirements.

Socially Sustainable Responsibility

At Vandersanden Group, sustainability is literally etched into our products, our production processes and our way of collaborating with people, the environment and society. Naturally, all our production sites comply with the ISO 140001 Environmental Management Standard. Did you know that our waste streams are 0%? Read more about our sustainability policy.

Our aim is to make Vandersanden Group an enjoyable environment in which employees are happy and proud to work. A place where they can develop their full potential and work together as one family in a pleasant, trusting atmosphere. As a result of our professional ‘People, Planet & Profit’ policy, we received the Belgian ‘Ambassadeur excellent familiebedrijf’ award [Ambassador Excellent Family Company].

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Largest brick-producing family business in Europe

Our Vandersanden family consists of 600 employees in various production locations and offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and England. With a total of 8 production sites, Vandersanden Group is the largest brick-producing family company in Europe, and one of the leading players in the international construction market. In all, we produce over 500 million bricks per year for the European market and beyond. In Belgium, we are the market leader in hand-moulded facing bricks, and in the Netherlands, we lead the way in clay pavers.

Looking for inspiration?

In our showrooms, you can see and touch our extensive range. Here you will find versatile, integrated brick packages and solutions for your façade and street. In this environment, good ideas will inspire you intuitively. Our sales team is ready to offer clear and honest advice. Or, why not take inspiration from the project examples on our website. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or innovative product, a modern or classic look, we guarantee there is a Vandersanden brick that meets your exact requirements. Discover our range of Vandersanden facing bricks and our Facade Beek and Huwa® clay pavers, Bylandt® clay pavers and AKA bricks. Check out our Zero®, Signa®, E-Board® and E-Brick® façade solutions.

Welcome to our family

We are proud of our achievements so far: always listening to our customers, because they are a vital part of our story. We are open to meeting new, forward-looking partners, so that, together, we can tackle the new challenges that face us regarding sustainability, innovation and quality. If our Vandersanden values and products resonate with yours, then contact us today. We want to welcome you into our family.