Bylandt: pioneers in clay pavers

Bylandt is the oldest manufacturer of clay pavers in the Netherlands. Founded in 1900, today the company is one of the biggest players in clay pavers. We want to use the emotion that clay pavers can trigger to bring more colour and meaning to the living environment and to make it even more beautiful, for current and future generations. That's our ambition.

Bylandt plant Tolkamer before 1950

Quality and sustainability are the fundamental values of our company operations. We are continually investing in modern production facilities, our employees, and product development. Municipal authorities, contractors and private individuals experience the benefits of the outstandingly consistent dimensions of our clinkers on a daily basis. Our clients and contacts can be proud of having a partner with craftsmanship spanning more than 100 years and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Cosy square in Dutch town Oosterhout with black clay pavers

Our organisation is characterised by passion, unity and involvement. Our motto is for good reason: Brick Life! After all, ceramic pavers have been on show on our streets for centuries. They bring atmosphere and warmth into your living environment. It is literally the firm basis for street life and for enjoyment in the garden.

Bylandt stands for:

  • Sustainability: High-quality clay pavers made from renewable raw materials.
  • CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility and environmentally-friendlyproduction.
  • Choice: Over 30 formats in more than 60 colours.
  • Long lifespan: Virtually maintenance free for atleast 125 years.
  • Guaranteed quality: KOMO, DUBOkeur, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
  • Expertise: Dependable advice based on more than 100 years of experience.

Quality certificates

 ISO-9001 Bylandt       ISO 14001 Bylandt        CSR performance ladder certificate Bylandt          Bylandt DUBOkeur logo

 KOMO Bylandt       CE Bylandt