On the basis of our continuous efforts to make the most sustainable products, our complete moulded/stock clay paver range has been awarded the Dutch DUBOkeur (Sustainable Construction) quality certificate.

DUBOkeur logo Bylandt

Clay pavers are in themselves a sustainable construction material. The DUBOkeur quality certificate shows that Bylandt also produces them using exceptionally environmentally-friendly methods. The environmental impact of our clay pavers has been calculated in an independent life cycle analysis and we can state that this easily satisfies the European standards applicable for sustainable construction.

Dutch clay-paved street in Delft with pavers from Bylandt

The Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE) has calculated that total environmental impact (expressed in shadow costs) caused by concrete pavers is 36% higher than the environmental impact caused by clay pavers and as much as 158% higher than that of European natural stone.

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