Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing business with an eye to the future is something that we see as one of our core tasks. Our ambition is to create an attractive and pleasant living environment for current and future generations through the use of sustainable and durable clay pavers.

As ambassadors of a timeless natural product, we aim to express our ambition through our motto 'Brick Life': clay pavers as the sustainable, warm and authentic foundation of our outdoor life. Clay pavers bring colour to our living environment and represent the unmistakable feeling that the product gives to public spaces.

Dutch road with clay pavers from Vandersanden

Structured approach

We believe that our social (people & profit) and ecological (planet) values are just as important as the quality of our products. We recognise and accept that our activities are directly connected with the environment, and therefore strive to minimise any negative effects. In order to achieve our ambition, we are focusing on building strong relationships with clients, suppliers and stakeholders. We do this by entering into dialogue with each other and in this way developing products that meet the demands of the market.

Production takes place as efficiently as possible and using as little energy as possible, with the best possible set-up of our business processes. Via certified management systems such as the CSR Performance Ladder and ISO 14001, we implement our policy in a structured manner. In this regard, we continually monitor progress and we look for improvements via the feedback we receive from stakeholders, amongst other sources.


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