CSR in practice

Every day, we work with passion towards a better future for people and the environment. A selection of examples of our enthusiastic efforts follows:

Health and safety

Every Bylandt employee and factory visitor has the right to a safe and healthy working environment. We therefore continually invest in safety - for instance of our machines - and good working conditions.

  • We work in accordance with 11 basic safety principles - safety is our top priority.
  • We have worked with an occupational health and safety care system for many years.
  • The policy for working conditions is based on the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) and the corresponding Action Plan.
  • We work with standard safety protocols and company emergency plans, and Periodic Medical Examinations take place on a regular basis.
  • Safety regulations have been drawn up for factory visitors, and there are clearly marked pathways on the site.
  • We offer paviours plenty of options for mechanised paving using our clay pavers thanks to our robotic production line and standardised packs.

Bylandt employee weares helmet for safety

Employees and training

Our employees are the heart of our company. We therefore consider it essential to invest in our people. We are convinced that offering our employees good-quality, regular training elevates the quality of the whole organisation to a higher plane.

  • More than 50 colleagues successfully completed an MBO1 diploma programme (intermediate vocational education) in communication and safety last year.
  • In the field of occupational health and safety, we continually encourage employees to follow training courses in driving fork-lift trucks, safe hoisting, working at height, and VCA (safety, health and environmental checklist for contractors) - and in some cases we make such training compulsory.
  • Bylandt provides employment for people with reduced job prospects.

Employees of Bylandt achieve Safety Study diploma

Energy and CO2 emissions

We are continually organising and reorganising the production of our clay pavers to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible. In this way, we want to make a continuous contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Since 1993, we have participated in government covenants aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Energy consumption in the Dutch ceramics industry needs to be reduced by around half in the period up until 2030 compared with the baseline level in 2005.
  • Our CO2 footprint expresses how much CO2 we are emitting.
  • The energy we purchase in the form of electricity is 100% 'green'.
  • We use fork-lift trucks with an electric motor or energy-efficient filters/soot filters and catalytic converters.
  • Colleagues with a company car only drive cars with energy labels A or B.
  • Raw materials are bought from local sources as far as possible, and are also transported by boat.
  • We make the demand of our transporters that they drive vehicles with Euro 5 engines or better.

Inside the clay paver factory of Bylandt

Environment and biodiversity

A better environment starts with you. This is a crystal-clear motto that we have adopted as a benchmark for our own actions. Developing new nature on our own site, for instance, is something that we can justifiably be proud of.

  • Our raw material - clay - is a natural and clean material, extracted from the flood meadows of the major rivers in the Netherlands.
  • Clay has been officially designated as a renewable resource.
  • Together with the World Wide Fund for Nature, we have developed a safe method of extracting clay.
  • Clay extraction creates new nature and helps make waterways safer.
  • We have created a publically-accessible nature reserve on our own land, which is set to be expanded to 73 hectares in the next few years.

Nature is property of the Bylandt plant in Tolkamer

Social involvement

Our clay pavers are very prominent in our living environment. They form part of our cultural-historical values. However, Bylandt does not want its presence in society to be only felt through the use of its products.

  • Bylandt contributes to and participates in initiatives within the community.
  • For example: by sponsoring local associations, supporting the charity mountain cycling event Alp D’Huzes, but also by making its factory premises available for cultural and social activities.

Cyclists ride up Alpe d'Huez

Integrity and cooperation

Bylandt does everything possible to eliminate corruption, discrimination and forced labour (including child labour). Every employee has the right to equal opportunities, for which purpose international human rights have fortunately been established.

  • It goes without saying that we adhere to Dutch, European and international legislation, as well as international conventions.
  • We act in accordance with our corporate Code of Conduct which all our employees pledge to adhere to.
  • We ask our partners to sign our Ethical Procurement Code; Doing business with integrity throughout the chain!
  • The rights and obligations of our employees are set out in a legally-valid employment contract in conformity with the Dutch Collective Labour Agreement for the brick industry.
  • We also guarantee the rights and obligations of temporary employees by only working with employment agencies that satisfy the Dutch standard NEN-4400.

Two Bylandt employee judge our clay pavers in the factory hall of Kessel