Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Ladder

Bylandt is the first brick manufacturer to gain a place on the MVO Prestatieladder (Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Ladder). This allows us to do business in a sustainable manner in accordance with an internationally-recognised management system.

We view the gaining of this certificate as a welcome indication of appreciation and as fair proof of all the initiatives that we develop in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Plant Bylandt Tolkamer in the middle of our own nature

The CSR Performance Ladder is a management system designed in the Netherlands. It satisfies a need to be able to make sustainable development concrete, objective, and demonstrable from a perspective of social involvement. The certification standard has been compiled on the basis of principles as set out in the international guidelines for social responsibility (ISO 26000), stakeholder engagement (AA1000), and indicators and reporting (GRI). The standard has been set up in such a way that it can be applied internationally. The CSR Performance Ladder has five levels, numbered from 1 to 5. Bylandt has reached level three, the level generally achievable by this branch of the industry.

Download CSR Performance certificate

CSR performance ladder certificate Bylandt         CSR performance ladder certificate Bylandt