Authentic atmosphere creators

The Bylandt clay pavers are a purely natural product that you can use to create a wonderful atmosphere in your garden. They bring an original, authentic and luxurious character and therefore form a strong foundation for outdoor life. Clay pavers are purely natural, fired until absolutely hard, and incredibly strong. With an unsurpassed lifespan of more than 125 years and colour that will not fade, they are also very popular for reuse. They therefore retain their value! Create character and atmosphere in your garden with the clay pavers by Bylandt!

Range of Bylandt clay pavers for your garden

The advantages for you

Wonderfully practical

  • Fired until absolutely hard, and therefore incredibly strong.
  • Resistant to severe frost, road salt and chemicals.
  • A long lifespan of at least 125 years.
  • They retain their value as they are also popular second-hand.
  • Easy maintenance: a little water, a broom and a little new sand for the joints are enough.
  • They promote a good water balance in the subsoil, as rain water drains away via the joints.
  • Very versatile thanks to the small sizes, suitable for patios, paths, drives, and borders.

Warm rusticated Bylandt clay pavers in a nice garden with pond and wooden footbridge

Highly attractive

  • They create an original, authentic and luxurious look
  • They bring atmosphere, character and warmth to your garden.
  • The deep colour is created during the firing process; no artificial colours or top layers are added.
  • This means no fading, discolouration or dullness; in fact, the pavers become more beautiful over time.
  • A purely natural product that goes perfectly with the natural greenery in your garden.
  • Rustic, modern or classic: the clay paver is always timeless and stylish.
  • A perfect combination with other natural materials, such as ceramic tiles and natural stone.

Two children are playing on Bylandt clay pavers in a garden