Moulded/stock or wirecut

Vandersanden offers you a choice between two types of durable and sustainable clay pavers: moulded/stock and wirecut. The names of these products make reference to their production processes.


At the factory in Kessel, we manufacture the wirecut pavers using a so-called extrusion press: this is a vacuum press used to extrude a continuous bar of clay with perfectly rectangular dimensions. The long bar of clay is then cut into smaller pavers of the desired size by means of a fully automated process using an iron wire.

Vandersanden Terra Vivaro Kei format 80 clay pavers          Vandersanden Terra Carrara Kei format 80 clay pavers          Vandersanden Terra Rozzano Linge format 80/80 clay pavers

Vandersanden wirecut clay paver formats


Moulded/stock pavers are produced at the factory in Tolkamer by pressing the clay into moulds. Each mould is flipped over after pressing, allowing the brick to drop out of the mould. It is then ready for drying. After drying, the pavers go into the kiln.

Vandersanden Terra Ocra Kei format 80 clay pavers          Vandersanden Terra Chiara Dik format 90 clay pavers          Vandersanden Terra Robina Linge format 80/80 clay pavers

Vandersanden moulded/stock clay paver formats

Choose the pavers that best suit the atmosphere you want to create

Moulded/stock or wirecut - each type of paver has its own unique character. A wirecut paver is sleek, smooth, highly precise, and available in bright colours. A moulded/stock paver has a more natural shape and a more authentic look. Whether you opt for moulded/stock or wirecut pavers, red or purple, our clay pavers all have one thing in common: they are purely natural and are therefore good for Mother Nature!

Take a look at our range and choose your favourite moulded/stock or wirecut paver.