An unbeatable range of clay pavers

Bylandt’s range comprises more than 500 different moulded/stock and wirecut clay pavers in more than 60 colours. Our goal is to achieve the best-quality results in colours that are natural and colour-fast, and therefore permanent. Opting for Bylandt means choosing a flawless product with an exceptionally long lifespan.

Different sizes and colours of Bylandt clay pavers

Extensive choice of colours and formats

  • Moulded/stock: more than 20 colours in 11 formats.
  • Wirecut: more than 40 colours in 18 formats.
  • Natural colours, 100% colour-fast.

Tailored solutions

Together with our partners, business relations, and customers, we continually search for new colours, formats, and solutions to make the urban streetscape more attractive. If you are looking for specific formats or colours, you should talk to Bylandt's experienced specialists. Together we can look for and we shall certainly find the solution for the use, application, or process to create the appearance that you have in mind. We provide answers tailored to your requirements.

Dutch street with purple clay pavers from Bylandt      Woman cycles in dutch town Helmond on combined clay paver colours from Bylandt