Why choose clay pavers?

Opting for Vandersanden's ceramic clay pavers means opting for an authentic experience and visible quality. Clay pavers add character to a streetscape and form a warm and durable basis for stylish streets, squares, car parks, gardens, parks and patios.

Three moulded stock clay pavers of Vandersanden

Vandersanden's clay pavers have infinite advantages. They are purely natural and can be used everywhere. A summary:


  • Colour-fast; no top layers or artificial/chemical additives.
  • Natural ageing of the colour, increasing in beauty over time.
  • Original and natural appearance, in keeping with outdoor life and green areas.
  • Contributes to the preservation of the centuries-old cultural-historical values.
  • Lends a feeling of warmth, luxury and character to the streetscape.

Business man walks on Vandersanden clay pavers in Dronten station


  • Made from clay, a renewable resource.
  • Clay extraction creates new nature and safe waterways.
  • Local extraction and purchasing of raw materials, reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Very favourable life cycle analysis, much better than that of concrete and natural stone.
  • Modern and efficient production process minimises gas consumption.

Child cycles in a dutch street on the footway next to the clay pavers from Vandersanden

High quality

  • Consistent dimensions and therefore ideal for mechanised paving.
  • Clay pavers that satisfy EN 1344BRL2360 and KOMO standards.
  • Independent inspection of each batch by Kiwa.
  • Certified management systems for consistent production quality.
  • Automated processes in accordance with the latest technical developments.

People walking on Vandersanden clay pavers in Arcachon France


  • Proven lifespan of 125 years, extremely hard, and easy to reuse.
  • Indestructible; highly resistant to frost (even severe frost), chemicals and corrosive substances.
  • Optimum accessibility of underground cables, sewers, etc.
  • Outstanding drainage; no danger of reflection or aquaplaning.
  • Very low noise levels, and can be used everywhere thanks to the small sizes.

Clay pavers of Vandersanden applied in Dutch station Helmond