Linge® format

Using non-standard pavers can have a refreshing impact. The popular and playful Linge® format has a different length from the standard Waal and Dik formats. The clay paver therefore has an entirely unique character, while the familiar header/stretcher ratio remains the same. Vandersanden's Linge® format is a unique series available in various sizes. The Linge® format is even available as standard in a splinter-free version, which makes filling joints easier and reduces chipping to a minimum.

Vandersanden's moulded stock Linge format clay pavers

Linge® format 80/70

The Linge® format 80/70 (242 x 80 x 70 mm) has a unique shape. It was developed with the aim of reducing chipping to a minimum and facilitating the correct filling of joints. The new format is therefore also ideal for mechanised paving.

Vandersanden's moulded stock clay paver Linge format 80/70


Beside the 80/70 we also supply the unique Linge® format in the versions 60/80, 80/60 and 80/80. Take a look at the format overview for the specifications.