Clay pavers with specific functions

White marker clay pavers

Markings and accents, for example in traffic islands and speed ramps, are often coloured white. The Terra Carrara by Bylandt is a white, high-quality, colour-fast clay paver, used to create markings that remain easily visible and that seamlessly integrate into the streetscape thanks to that fact that they are made from the same material as the rest of the paving.

Bylandt white marker clay pavers in a Dutch road bump

Profiled clay pavers

Bylandt gives you the opportunity to develop non-standard surface structures together. The clay pavers we supplied for a project in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage in France are a good example of this. The surface structure of the tiles resembles a tortoise shell - a highly innovative solution designed in consultation with the client.

Bylandt's profiled clay pavers


Filler pavers

Sawn filler pavers help create long-wearing paving with a high-quality and stylish finish. By delivering the filler clay pavers directly to the work site along with the other pavers, the kerb edges can be laid at the same time by means of mechanised paving.

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Bylandt filler paver Kei format herringbone bond left        Bylandt filler paver Kei format half        Bylandt filler paver Kei format herringbone bond right