Fitting the paving tightly with filler pavers

Sawn filler pavers help create long-wearing paving with a high-quality and stylish finish. Bylandt could not wish for anything else. On request, we can arrange all the sawing and to have the filler pavers delivered on site with other paving materials. This means you can put in the kerbs at the same time as laying the rest of the paving. Sawing is possible for both moulded/stock and wirecut products.

Examples of filler pavers

View examples of attractive edge finishes.

Bylandt filler paver Kei format herringbone right   Bylandt filler paver Kei format half   Bylandt filler paver Kei format herringbone left   Bylandt filler paver Dik format herringbone    Bylandt filler paver Dik format 1/3 2/3
   Kei format     Kei format 1/2     Kei format       Dik format       Dik format 2/3
   herringbone right       herringbone left       herringbone