Mechanised paving systems - used where possible

Thankfully, the laying of clay pavers is mechanised more and more often. Mechanical aids should always be used in situations in which they can effectively produce high-quality results while reducing the physical strain exerted on the installers.

Mechanised paving systems hunklinger Bylandt

Bylandt is heavily committed to mechanised paving

  • We encourage mechanised paving for healthy working conditions.
  • Mechanised processing is facilitated by the supply of clay pavers in standardised packs.
  • Stable and consistent packs supplied on sturdy pallets.
  • Multiple bonds/patterns possible.

Fully automatic robot line

Bylandt stresses the importance of mechanised paving systems. This is why we have our own fully automatic robot line for pre-laying clay pavers in the correct bond and stacking them ready for use. The brick packs we make up in this way in the factory are geared as much as possible to the laying machines and support installers in the mechanised processing of their work.

Fully automatic robot line for brick packs in plant Bylandt Tolkamer

Bylandt thinks along with you

You are of course free to choose your own mechanised processing method: using a paving clamp, vacuum lifts, or other machines on site, etc. Bylandt can and would be pleased to advise you in this respect. The chosen bond combined with the paver formant does not always make it easy to choose. In this type of situation, you will require advice tailored to your specific needs.

Bylandt clay pavers are mechanised layed in Guise France