The highest quality

The people of Bylandt strive to achieve the highest quality in literally everything they do. Quality is without doubt the primary driver of production. Our company has been ISO 9001 certified for almost twenty years.

Two brown and black moulded/stock Bylandt clay pavers

Every day, urban planners, designers, and users experience the measurable quality of our products. Our products comply, for example, with European standard NEN-EN 1344, which forms the basis for CE marking for paving. Furthermore, all our clay pavers are certified in accordance with KOMO BRL 2360 - the Dutch National Assessment Guideline for clay pavers*. They naturally also comply with the A4-12 quality and hardness standard used in the Netherlands.

Quality is an integral element in the prevailing culture within the Bylandt organisation

It is shown by:

  • Clay pavers that comply with NEN-EN 1344 and BRL 2360.
  • All premium grade; KOMO quality A4-12 and higher.
  • Independent inspection of each consignment of clay pavers by KIWA.
  • Constant quality in shape and colour.
  • Continuous monitoring of production quality.
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and DUBOkeur certified.
  • Transport partners that use state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles.


ISO 9001 Bylandt-clay-paver   ISO 14001 Bylandt   KOMO Bylandt   DUBOkeur Bylandt

* KOMO is a collective mark of quality used in the groundwork, road, and hydraulic engineering sector in the Netherlands. We are permitted to display the KOMO quality mark because our products meet the requirements set out in the Dutch National Assessment Guideline for clay pavers (BRL 2360).