Extra-consistent specifications

All our clay pavers comply with the hardness requirements for Quality A Products given in the Dutch 4-12 Standard. This means that the water absorption, measured by percentage of volume, lies between 0% and 12%. Clay pavers in Quality Class A4-12 can be used on practically all road surfaces, irrespective of the traffic density, i.e. in streets, squares, car parks, or driveways.

Multiple sandfaced moulded/stock clay pavers from Bylandt

Head and shoulders above the rest

Compared with similar companies in the Netherlands, the dimensional tolerance of Bylandt paver products is unique. Nine out of ten consignments of sandfaced moulded/stock or wirecut pavers receive the addition ‘EQ+’ (Extra-consistent) in Quality Class A4-12. The specifications of these clay pavers are at least 40% more consistent than the established standard. This means that these clay pavers are of the very highest quality. This will certainly work to your advantage in mechanised processing.

Three colours Bylandt clay pavers in a nice bond

Consignment inspection

Quality is not only monitored internally by Bylandt. Every day, external and independent inspectors of the international certifying body KIWA check all products in the yard that are ready for delivery. The inspectors critically assess the dimensional tolerance, hardness, and possible non-conformities.

Independent KIWA inspector checks clay pavers from Bylandt